Review: Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

I bought this foundation around the time it was released and absolutely loved it since first use. I'm about to finish my first bottle, and, spoiler alert, have already re-purchased a second bottle, so I figured now was a good time to finally write a full review.

The foundation comes in a nice square glass bottle with a plastic cap. The cap has the signature nars rubber feel, which means it gets dirty really fast and is impossible to clean. This is partly why I waited until now to write the review, as I had a brand new and untouched bottle to photograph. It makes for a lot nicer pictures! Besides that it comes with a pump, which is a nice step up from previous Nars foundations, where you had to buy the pump seperately. It retails for $48.00 which is a bit more than the average price for a foundation, with or without pump. This gets you 30ml of product.

The actual foundation is the reason I love this though, of course. It's quite a unique formula, at least to me. It's really thin and liquid in feel, but super pigmented. You need very little to cover your entire face - only one or two drops, and still with a sheered out application, in terms of amount of product used, you get a decent amount of coverage. Coverage can be built up to full++. If you don't want to use concealer, you can just add another dab of this to whatever area you wish to cover more, and it will cover just about anything. 

Lasting power is good. I wouldn't say I look perfect "all day", but it holds up like the better ones do for me, I would say. The finish of it is I would say velvet. Not at all too matte, but also not super glowy. In terms of finish I think most people will enjoy it as it isn't too far on either side of the spectrum. It's not mattifying, I don't find, so oilier gals will probably need to use other mattifying products in conjunction with this (primers, setting powders etc. whatever your preferences). 

Swatches from L-R; Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Light1 Finland, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Light2 Mont Blanc, Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation in 4.5 and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 20 Beige.

The foundation comes in a whopping 20 shades, which is amazing. Nars do usually do a good range from really light to really dark, and this one is no different. I'm pale, but with warmer undertones, and can often struggle to find a foundation light enough that doesn't have pink undertones. With the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation I was able to find a perfect match, which I find I usually do find with Nars base products. There's a good chance you'll find a good match as well with so many colours to choose from.

As you were probably able to have guessed from me saying I've already re-purchased this, I do personally really enjoy this foundation. My favourite thing is probably how quick and easy it is to apply. I need very little and I can get quite a lot of coverage from just the foundation - when I am in a hurry, that's golden. Other than that I love how the shade matches me so well, the finish is gorgeous - that perfect luminous glow without looking like an oil-slick after an hour, and the long wear-time. It's also comfortable to wear, I don't feel it on my skin, and it doesn't irritate or bother my sometimes sensitive skin. From all that I bet your not surprised the least I decided to re-purchase! If you've been debating on wether or not to try this, and think it sounds like it would work for you, I definitely recommend giving it a go!

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) - 

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