Review: Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

It's not all that long ago I was standing at a Chanel counter looking at their mascaras and thinking to myself that Chanel really needed to come out with a new one. I know some people love Chanel mascaras, but I was yet to be wowed. 'Was' being the operative word..

As I kind of revealed in my introduction, this one is WOW with all capitals. Chanel needed a good mascara in my opinion, and boy did they deliver. When I first applied this I had one of those huge grins and the "you can't be serious?!" thoughts going round in my head after barely one swipe with the mascara wand. I could not believe how long my eyelashes were.

This is a volume mascara, and it does give decent volume, but it's in the length department this one blows all the other ones (that I've tried) out of the water. Now, credit where credit is due, I apply this with Dior's DiorShow Maximiser underneath and together they are a killer pair, I even ended up taking some of the mascara off with a clean brush as I thought my lashes actually looked too long! But the Chanel mascara impresses just as much all on its own as well. If anything I'd say perfect on it's own, thread cautiously on top of a lash primer!

There has to be a downside, and the Le Volume De Chanel's achilles heel is that it does tend to stick the lashes together a bit leaving you with that dreaded countable lashes look. Fear not though, as this can easily be fixed with a good "back and forth motion" when applying and with a clean mascara brush to comb through as you go along, or just right at the end.

I don't tend to get mascara smudges so I'm not the best guinea pig for that, but I still didn't experience it with this one so that can still count for something as I have encountered the problem with some mascaras, though rarely. I've had no problems with it flaking or coming off throughout the day either. Of course it's not as black and dramatic after 12 hours of wear, but it's really decent and still looks nice.

The new Le Volume De Chanel Mascara by Chanel is absolutely amazing and you simply must try it or see if you can get yourself a sample! Prepare to be wowed!

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  1. I have this mascara in shade called Prune. The wand is completely different :( It is made of rubber and I just don`t like it :( If you are interested see my review on this mascara: http://sugarmakeup.blogspot.com/2013/03/le-volume-de-chanel-mascara-in-prune.html

    1. Oh no, that sucks.. It's weird it would be so different, maybe it has to do with the purple color? :/ Sorry you didn't like it x

  2. I've got a sample of this mascara too and I didn't try it yet!ok today is day after reading your review I must try it today! :)



    1. He he it's amazing - you'll love it! :D x


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