Review: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum

I bought the Dr. Andrew Weil's Mega-Bright Serum around christmas time and have used it for about three months now. Having been a huge fan of every Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins product I've used so far, I was really excited for this to (hopefully) finally help clear some of my post-blemish marks. With the serum now nearing it's end I figured it was time for a review.

I use this every morning after toner and before my second serum. The second serum I use daytime have alternated between Estee Lauders Idealist Illuminating and Pore Minimising Serum, the latter for the majority of the time I've been using Mega Bright.

I've been using quite a generous amount of this serum, not trying to save it at all, as I am really ready for something to finally clear up my post-spot red marks. I use 2, sometimes 3 squirts and gently massage it into my skin, focusing especially on problem areas.

The serum itself has a green/yellow see through colour with a purple/blue toned shine. It sounds a bit odd, but is invisible on the skin. If anything it gives an optical illusion of a clearer and more radiant complexion.

Mega-Bright feels light on the skin and absorbs instantly after application. After it's absorbed I can't feel it at all for the rest of the day. It has not broken me out or irritated my skin in any way. It's only contributed to making my skin more even, radiant and healthier.

I'll say this is the serum that has impressed me the most in terms of evening my skintone and reducing the red marks so far. When I started using this I noticed an instant improvement on this one bigger mark in particular. It didn't take too long of using this until the big red mark had reverted back into two smaller marks. It has since the big improvement steadily improved and reduced redness, but at a slower rate. I am still very impressed and more than ready to re-purchase when it runs out.


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