Empties: September 2013

Another month flew by and I continue to finish a lot of products. I do buy a bit as well, but not as much as I'm clearing out. This means I've noticed having more and more space in drawers and wherever I keep my products. This month has therefore been filled with re-organising everything and I'm in love with how much more streamlined everything is. I'm hoping that by next summer I'll have a really slimmed down "collection" of things. Not too many makeup products this month (a few though), but next month is looking very promising!

Kerastase - Bain Divalent 250ml
A shampoo ment for those with dry and damaged ends, but with a scalp that tends to get oily. When used regularly it does seem to work. Not so that I can suddenly go a week between washing my hair, but this shampoo plus a good dry shampoo seriously added another two days. I'm always interested in trying different shampoos, but I could see myself actually re-purchasing this at some point.

Philip Kingsley - Shampoo for Flaky/Itchy Scalps 250ml
This one kind of did the opposite of the last one. This is great for anyone with a scalp that tends to get itchy, mine does, obviously. Sometimes I'd wash my hair just because it was itchy, with no other reason to. This does work, but it also makes my scalp get oilier a lot faster and that's a side effect I can't have. If I ever have a seriously bad case of itchy scalp I might go looking for this again, but for now I think I'll just try something gentle.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo in 'medium & brunette' 400ml
Batiste's dry shampoos are a tried and true staple for me and many of you guys, I'm sure. My favourite is the 'deep and dark brown' one, but this one runs a close second.

Diptyque - Muguet Candle 190g
I was of course sad when this finished, but also excited about my new brush holder! Muguet is a beautiful fresh floral scent with the main notes being lily of the valley. It's beautiful for spring and summer and so beginning of fall was the perfect time for it to finish.

Klinta & Co - United Candle New York Apple 160g
A not so famous candle maker - Klinta & Co. I've never heard of it before, I simply received it as a gift from my mother. The scent was very nice and fresh - but nothing special. I enjoyed it very much - and that's that.

Chanel - Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover 100ml
Besides lending a very chic "Chanel" label to my bathroom cupboards this isn't anything special. It works well, but not better, or worse than other eye makeup removers. It's pretty much exactly the same as the ones from Lancome, Clarins etc. They all cost aproximatively the same though so just choose the brand you prefer to look at every day. I will say that Chanel's version is not at all oily, doesn't sting my eyes and really is quite efficient. I might buy it again, for now I'm happy with Aesop's offering that I'm currently using.

Lancome - Galateis Douceur 125ml
This was a very generous gift with purchase some time ago from Lancome. I'm not normally a fan of milk cleansers, and I'm still not. I used it to take off the first bulk of makeup. It's very nice in that it's gentle and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight after removing my makeup. I still prefer my Bioderma though.

Bioderma - Solution Micellaire 500ml
Speaking of! I finished 500ml of this stuff - that's a whole lot! I've got another 500ml backup plus a smaller one, around 250ml I believe. I'm currently working through my samples of cleansing oils and other brands' micellaire waters before opening my next Bioderma, but I do doubt I'll ever find anything to beat it.

Soap & Glory - Hand Food 50ml
This was so hyped a few years ago and I can't figure out why. Sure it smells nice enough and it does moisturise ok without leaving residue - I do see that, but it's nothing that great. It's fine. It's got a fair price, it's a decent product and the smell isn't sickening. Normally that would've had me quite pleased, but when the hype is that big you expect grander things. Oh well.

Molton Brown - Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower 300ml - click here for review -
I absolutely adore the scent of this and am terribly sad it's finished. I'm trying to use shower gels without SLS's and parabens in them now, otherwise I would've re-purchased this. I'm not entirely sure if Molton Brown has SLS's and/or parabens in their products which is why I'm skipping the brand for now. Always exciting to try new products though so I'm not too upset about it.

Body Luxuries - Coconut Body Lotion 500ml
Hated this. Got it as a present so I wanted to use it, and I mostly did. The packaging is so bad that when I push the pump now the whole thing crackles down in on itself and I'm not going to fuss over getting everything out when I can't stand the product to begin with. It barely moisturises and is chock full of all kinds of parabens.

ReVive - Glycolic Renewal Peel 2ml + 1 pad
I received this sample from Bergdorf's this summer and finally tried it now. Altough there was enough of the peeling gel to use it two times, there was only one pad so I could only use it once. Having only used it once I obviously can't say too much, but I will say I did like it. It did burn a bit when I first applied it, which naturally felt quite alarming. When washing it off I had the softest skin - it was amazing! And my skin looked increasingly better day by day after. I would have seriously considered this if it was available over here. Anyone know any European online retailers?

Aesop - Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil 1ml
I've read a few reviews on this and noticed many complaining about the smell. They must have changed it since those reviews were written because I absolutely love the smell?! It smells divine - plus the product works well too! It's gentle, takes off a lot of makeup really well and doesn't seem to get stuck in my eyes like so many cleansing oils seem to do. I'm very interested in buying the full size, but it's hard to be sure after just one try - it's a shame Aesop does such tiny samples.

Kiehl's - Midnight Recovery Concentrate 2ml
LOVE this. This is absolutely amazing! My skin looked just better and better after using this at night under my night cream. I've already bought the full size.

Make Up For Ever - Brow Seal 6ml
I've seriously used every last drop of this. Not because it's the best thing ever, I've put it down to persistence. It is nice though, I'll give it that. The brush is the best part as it has the ability to apply the gel, brush through making your brows look more natural whilst not messing them up so you have to go in and "fix" them again - the one I'm using now do those things. I could see myself buying this again, but am really interested in trying the Anastasia one first.

MAC - Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder 9g
Oh my god I finished a makeup product! Doing these posts have really made me realise just how few products I do go through every year and just how excessive the continuos makeup hauling is. Next year I want to implement a "Makeup" category to count just how much I'll finish in a whole year - I have a feeling it won't be a whole lot! At least not compared to how many I've acquired. 

Soap & Glory - Arch De Triumph 3.26 g
This was my first every brow pencil. It comes in one color - as one apparently fits all. I remember being quite sceptical, but my very blonde mother seemed to be able to use it just as well as me with my seriously dark brows so I guess it's true. I finished the brow part a long time ago, but only now finished the other half - the highlighter. I didn't finish it completely as it dried out at the end - but I will say it was a very nice product. Soap and Glory has received a lot of rave about their makeup and if this product is any indication it seems to be true. I'd tote this as the perfect first brow pencil for anyone as the colour really is foolproof.

Make Up For Ever - 5 Camouflage Cream Palette 5x2g
I made a concious effort to use this more this month and started using the green to cover any redness, the orange to correct under the eyes and the concealer as, well, a concealer. With using it I got more and more under the skin bumps and pimples, which in turn had to be covered and corrected more and so began the dark circle. It's a bit sad to throw out a barely used product like this, but I've found that not using it covers imperfections way better as then I don't really have many at all. I will say it might not be all down to the product as I've had it for almost two years and it could be getting old. Having said that, I do remember my skin not being it's best when using it back then either. It's a shame I didn't make the connection until now, if it was indeed this that was breaking me out back then as well. Not something I will re-purchase, I didn't find it too be too good at anything really.

MAC - Select Moisturecover Duo by Mickey Contractor
I don't really use this much at all and the other day when I picked it up to try and use it it dawned on me how old it is. Instantly turned off I put it straight into my empties bag. It's a decent corrector though! It was limited edition and I haven't seen it since so it doesn't really matter, but it was ok. I'm keen to try the corrector by Armani after I finish my last one by Eve Pearl.

Estee Lauder - Sumptous Extreme 2.8ml
This is a fabulous mascara that I've written about many times before. It gives volume, length and seperates lashes so no clumping. You get mega lashes that still look natural! An amazing mascara.

Balenciaga - Florabotanica 1.2ml
I don't like this. I love the bottle of the actual full size perfume, but the perfume itself is just not for me. I find it too heavy.

Zadig & Voltaire - Tome 1 - For Her La Pureté 1.2ml x 4
I finished off my last "batch" of these. I love this perfume. Absolutely adore it. When I finally manage to narrow down my perfume collection I want to change for some diptyque, byredo etc. perfumes and so this one doesn't really strike my interest, but I really do love the smell of it. I just might if I saw it and was in the right kind of mood.

Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino 4ml
A modern day classic. I could smell this everywhere last time I was in St Tropez. It's a gorgeous citrus scent perfect for summer. If only it would last more than an hour on my skin. I'm tempted by getting this plus the body lotion and body wash for next summer, hoping the combination will make it last longer. Or I want Byredo's Palermo. Can't seem to make my mind up..

Diptyque - Ofresia Eau De Toilette 2ml
Another wonderful scent. It's the smell of a beautiful garden full of gorgeous flowers. Without being sickly or fake of course, this is Diptyque after all. I am interested in getting a Diptyque frangrance at some point and this one is a contender for now.

Chloe - Love, Chloe Eau Florale 1.2 ml x 2
I don't like this one. I can't seem to get on the whole Chloe train. I've wanted to as the bottles are so chic and cute, but the Chloe perfumes just aren't for me. I get it though, the scents are nice - usually just clean and simple, but just not for me.

Omorovicza - Rejuvenating Night Cream 20ml
This generous sample was part of an amazing gift set the fantastic Omorovicza sales lady at Bergdorf's New York gave me this summer. The 20ml lasted me a whole two months so I got to really put this beautiful night cream to the test. It smells of almonds, which I find absolutely amazing. It moisturises really well, but isn't heavy in feel or in that it broke me out. I kept waking up to plump, healthy and glowing skin. I really wish the full sized product also came with a pump - then it would've been perfect. Even with the jar packaging I'm considering getting the full size of this.. I really really loved it.

Shiseido - Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF 50 15ml
I've gone through a few of these deluxe samples and so have written about this sun screen before. I still like it ok, but have others I like more. 

Kate Somerville - RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream 7.5ml
The first time I used this it didn't do much. The second time I used this I woke up to the most amazing skin. The texture was visibly improved, pores were smaller and my skin was glowing. It did that one more time when using it and then it stopped working before it started breaking me out. It's all a bit weird, if anyone can make sense of it please let me know. It went from being instant holy grail that I was looking everywhere online for so that I could get the full size to something I'm getting rid of before it's even empty..

Laura Mercier - Sponge x2
I bought these a couple years back and when I went to get one recently I found two of the sponges looked just.. done. They are ok sponges, best used when dry, actually. I find that Laura Mercier's cult Silk Creme Foundation applies best when using this. Besides that they're nothing special - won't re-purchase.

Chanel - Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in 10 Noir
I love this mascara - it gives great lenght, volume and seperates the lashes well. The only gripe I have with it is that it's near impossible to get off. That's a big gripe for me - I absolutely hate rubbing and tugging on my eye lashes and eye area.

Dior - Gentle Cleansing Milk 15ml
I'm trying to go through the mini micellaire waters and cleansing milks that I have before opening another big 500ml Bioderma bottle. This one is ok as far as cleansing milks go, I don't prefer them personally. I find them a bit messy to use and find I have to rub at my skin a lot more using more cotton pads than I do with cleansing oils (obviously) or cleansing waters. I will give it that it's gentle though so my skin doesn't feel tight after makeup removal. As far as cleansing milks go it's alright, it's nothing special. But I'm a bit biased as I don't really like cleansing milks at all.

Chanel - Sublimage La Creme Yeux 3ml
This is really amazing stuff. My eye area is quite dry and this eye cream made such a noticeable difference. My eye area looked healthy, well rested and awake. It also got rid of dehydration lines. I don't think it's worth it's hefty price tag - you can find just as good eye creams for way less money, but if you love Chanel and don't mind spending a lot of money on an eye cream this is a good option.

Clarins - Cleansing Milk with Gentian 10ml
Another cleansing milk that I feel pretty much the same about as the Dior one. When comparing the two I think I'd say I prefer the Dior one as I find it a tad gentler. Mostly they seem just the same to me though!

Shiseido - Facial Cotton 165 Sheets
This is the best cotton you can get. It's a whole lot more expensive than your normal cotton that you buy at the drugsture but the Shiseido cotton doesn't absorb much of your product making that expensive toner you just bought last a whole lot longer. I think in the end you do save at least a bit of money from not going through your products as quickly. Plus it's really soft...

Normal: 16
Deluxe Sample: 3
Sample: 17
Jumbo: 2

2013 TOTAL
Normal: 150
Deluxe Sample: 54
Sample: 103
Jumbo: 8



  1. Wow you have used up so many products. I really want to try the Omorovicza.
    Karen x

    1. He he yes I never expect it to be too much and then every month I'm amazed! Omorovicza is a brilliant brand you should definitely try it! x

  2. That's one huge stash of empties! Good work! Love Bioderma, I caved in. haha. Would love to try the Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux, my under eyes are always dry.

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

    1. Sublimage is amazing - you should ask for a sample next time your at a Chanel counter, you'll love it I'm sure!! :) xx


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