Review: REN Radiance Perfection Serum

REN's Radiance Perfection Serum is from their orange Radiance line of skincare with the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask being the star product. The Radiance Perfection Serum is a Vitamin C based serum ment to help even out skin tone, whilst keeping it healthy, moisturised and radiant.

I've used three other Vitamin C or general skin tone correcting serums before this one in my life, making it a total of 4 that I've tested. I've used Estée Lauders Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Serum, Caudalie's famed Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and the last one I used before the REN one was Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Serum. Out of those three the Mega Bright gave me the best results. I wasn't really planning on trying anything else, but ended up getting the REN version after all.

I was already pretty impressed with the Mega Bright and I did go straight from using that one to the REN one. Even with already using a vitamin C and skin tone correcting serum I saw an incredible improvement in my skin when using the Radiance Perfection Serum. After just a few days my skin was glowing! After a few weeks my skin tone was noticeably clearer - and really even! Hyper pigmentation marks from past blemishes seemed to finally be going away and then... nothing.

Suddenly it stopped doing much at all. It slowly grew to be a bit sticky as well. It was still keeping my skin nice enough, but it wasn't doing what it did initially. I blame this on packaging. A serum like this with no preservatives in it (as heavily advertised by REN) have no business being in a clear glass bottle. My theory is the active ingredients simply expiring and stopping working.

When I initially started using this I was sure I was going to re-purchase. This is also why I put of writing a review, because I wanted to use pictures of a new bottle instead of an almost (or now completely) empty one. As it so happens I have ordered another type of Vitamin C serum again to try and so therefore I am writing this review now.

Me wanting to try something else after all isn't a testament to me not being happy with this serum though, because I am. I was really happy with it. This has more to do with me wanting to try everything, than it has to do with objective critical judgement. This REN serum completely amazed me and is absolutely what I will go back to unless the LING Hi-Vitamin C Serum proves ten times better. Even with it stopping working  as much after a while the results are still great enough initially, plus decent throughout that I deem it worth buying and using. That's saying a lot!

I wanted to mention finally that the Radiance Perfection Serum doesn't just contain Vitamin C, it also contains other ingredients to help even out skin tone plus skin perfecting ones such as Hyaluronic Acid. When I was using the Radiance Perfection Serum it didn't just help with pigmentation marks and give my skin an extra boost - it also helped it's overall health and I noticed my skin clearing up amazingly whilst using it. I'd deem this serum an especially great option for people suffering from blemish prone skin that is also prone to hyper pigmentation.

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  1. It sounds great - especially initially - but it is strange how it stopped working! Maybe it's one of those where occasional use gives the best results :) xx

    1. I actually had someone from REN email me and say it's better when used occasionally yes! So I'll make sure and do that with vit c serums from now on! :) xx

  2. Any person has the problematic with leave-taking? Once I made and put in flagon - all the vitamin c be situated at bottom and oil on top. And can't really get both with dropper!?
    I did just as designated and used exact ingredients?
    Any help or propositions? Thank you - so love your blog!!! Vitamin C Serum for men

    1. Thank you!
      I've never seen this before, but I guess perhaps shaking the bottle to mix the ingredients together? If that doesn't work then I suggest emailing REN customer service about it! :) x

    2. Hello Ellie,
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