Empties: April 2014

I finished a bit less this month of actual empties, but I did get rid of a good amount of stuff to make up for it. I can not tell you how much better I'm feeling after getting rid of more and more stuff. Each time after I've gone through my collection and decided to just give up on stuff I don't like, my shoulders feel a little bit lighter. My makeup "collection" will probably never be small, but I will definitely keep aiming for a more streamlined and smaller one, with only products that make me excited about using them.

Nails Inc Minis 4ml x 14
Shades; Elizabeth St, Porchester Square, Notting Hill Gate, The Thames, Portobello, Sloane Square, Bruton Mew, Chelsea Embankment, Baker Street, Chelsea Square, Park Street, Docklands, Richmond Terrace, The Boltons.

After realising that I have way too much nail polish, I decided to try and finish off some, and naturally decided to go for the minis first, and then decided on the Nails Inc ones. I realized a few weeks into it that these give me a headache. I'm not sure if it's the strong scent, or just the chemicals themselves, but either way I got a headache every time I used one of these so I decided to throw them away. Life's too short.

Elemental Herbology - Moisture Milk 5ml
This was ok. Nothing special. It didn't moisturise enough for my skin.

Caudalie - Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask 3ml
This was a really nice mask. I found it to be very gentle, but efficient which is perfect for my usually sensitive skin. When I run out of exfoliants this one will definitely be considered.

Omorovicza - Gold Night Drops 2ml
This was amazing! I used this as my night serums for 4 days and my skin kept getting better and better. I won't be getting the full size though as it's just too expensive.

Helena Rubinstein - Prodigy Eyes 3ml
This is very nice, moisturises well. Nothing life changing though, but one of the better eye creams I've used.

HealGel - Intensive 30ml
A favourite of mine. I'm already onto my next bottle. This helps skin heal like no other. Be that from a blemish, an overzealous exfoliation session or perhaps a sunburn, or any kind of irritation really. You need this in your life, get it, you can thank me later!
Clarins - HydraQuench Cream Mask 15ml
I love this. I use a moisturising face mask whenever I'm doing a hair mask. This Clarins mask is perfect to use on those occasions as I can rub it into my skin to where I almost can't feel that it's on. I imagine this would be a good overnight mask as well. I've got another sample I'm using now, but when that finishes I think I might get the full size.

La Prairie - Advanced Marine Biology Foaming Mousse Cleanser 40ml
This is horrible. Way too harsh, strips skin of everything and leaves it dry, tight and uncomfortable after washing off. Throwing away after using just once.

La Prairie - Cellular Eye Makeup Remover
This one however, is amazing. It removes makeup in seconds, doesn't irritate my eyes and it doesn't leave an oily residue. I've got a ton of eye makeup removers, but I would consider getting this when they finish.

Kanebo Sensai - Silk Emulsion (Moist) 30ml
This was nice enough, but when using for a while everyday I felt like my skin got a little congested. It's nice enough, but it's pretty basic for the price, and it did nothing to wow me. At this price point it really should.

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in #53 Light Beige 30ml
I've been slowly clearing out a lot of makeup this year, and this is one of them. It's barely used as I got it two summers ago when I was a lot darker. Now it's too old and so I'm throwing it away. I considered using it up this summer, maybe mixing it in with a lighter one to get the right shade, but I realised I have foundations I love that are the right colour that would be too old as well by the time I'd get through all of my already too old ones.. So I decided to end the "dark circle" here and focus on foundations that I don't have to "work with" instead.

Yves Saint Laurent - Teint Radiance 30ml
This is another foundation I'm throwing out for the same reason. It pains me to do so, but I love finally getting to just use the products I love.

Yves Saint Laurent - Le Teint Touche Eclat in BR4030ml
This is part of the 14 Products I Want To Finish in 2014 project I'm doing this year so I'm super excited this is gone. It's a beautiful foundation, with the most beautiful finish, but it didn't really work with my skin. Even though my skin is dehydrated, this was too rich for my skin and I found it didn't last too well. It's a shame as the finish is perfection.

Make Up For Ever - Mat Velvet 30ml
Also part of my use it up project. I mixed this with the Le Teint Touche Eclat and while it was ok, I preferred the latter with the HD Foundation. I've never liked this Mat Velvet foundation, and I will never re-purchase. It's drying, cakey, really obvious and thick on the skin.. No, honestly, I absolutely hate this and wouldn't even go near it if it was free.

Shu Uemura - UV Under Base Mousse in beige 64ml
I was going to finish this up, and I started to, but decided to just get rid of this one as well. The appeal of this was initially that I could skip the SPF, but since I've had this for over 2 years now, the SPF has more than likely expired. I also felt like it was breaking me out. Nothing bad to say about the product though, it worked well before it got old, this is my fault for keeping it around for too long.

Yves Saint Laurent - Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush 40ml  - click here for review -
Another one with the same reason as the Shu Uemura. Life is just too short.

Shu Uemura - Stage Performer Immediate Radiance Skin Perfecting Cream 50ml -click here for review-
This one I did finish. It's a really good primer. It has tiny particles that when you rub the cream together, release pigments and make the primer tinted and shiny which gives a nice glow. It also fills in pores nicely, and it's hydrating which was great for use during the winter months. This was also part of my 14 Products to finish in 2014.

Philip Kinglsey - Elasticizer - click here for review -
This stuff is seriously amazing. I said in my review that I wasn't sure if I would re-purchase, but I must say I've been really missing it since it finished, and I can certainly notice a difference in my hair.

Philip Kingsley - Scalp Toner for Flaky/Itchy Scalps 250ml
This stuff is really good at soothing the scalp, and mine can get quite itchy unfortunately. On the flip side, it tends to make my scalp more oily and so I will be looking for another scalp treatment next.

Laura Mercier - Makeup Sponge
I've had this for quite a few years and honestly haven't used it much since getting my Beauty Blenders two years ago. I was going through my makeup this month, and upon seeing the state of this realised it had to go straight in the trash. It was quite good though, but the beauty blender type sponges are much better and I won't repurchase this.

Fushi - Brahmi Herbal Supplements 60 Capsules
I don't tend to feature supplements here, and I finish many that I haven't talked about. I wanted to make a quick mention of this though, as I love it so so much. I find this really does give me more energy, so if you've been curious about Brahmi then I recommend giving them a go.

Fusion Beauty - Lip Fushion XL 8.22g
This isn't entirely empty, but I lost it a while ago and only found it this month looking all sorts of dusty and dirty. Too disgusting to want to use so unfortunately it goes in the trash. It's close to empty though as I've been using it for a year prior to misplacing it, which is probably longer than advised anyway. About the product - it's fantastic! I used it before bed and my usually always dry lips would be normal by morning, and noticeably plumper and bigger with continued use. I will probably buy again at some point, but for now I'll try to finish the many lip balms I've got lying around.

Arran Aromatics - Ultimate Fig Candle
This was one of the nicer of the Arran Aromatics candles I've tried. It had good throw, and I love Diptyque's Figuier so naturally I enjoyed the scent of this too, though I much prefer the Diptyque version.

Clarins - Tonic Body Treatment Oil 100ml
I've been through countless bottles of this, and have already repurchased. This really helps with the water weight, and I love especially using it that time of the month as it makes me a lot more comfortable. This is really good stuff and I highly recommend it!

Biotherm - Eau Vitaminée Perfumed Body Milk 75ml
I don't like this. It's nice enough as far as body lotions are concerned, but the smell is really fake which I find off-putting.

Caudalie - Vine Body Butter 200ml
Now this.. this is a seriously good body butter! It's consistency is more that of a soufflé, it moisturises really well, absorbs quickly and smells divinely of citrus. I will definitely be buying again!

Aerin - Rose Hand & Body Cream 15ml
I loved this hand cream and am gutted it's gone! I can't buy Aerin products in Norway so I can't buy one, but I would otherwise. I wish they sold a set with several in this mini size though, as it's perfect to keep in your handbag, and the tube is also gorgeous, which never hurts.

Aco - Nail Strengthener 5ml
This is ok, nothing special. Won't buy again.

Normal: 9
Deluxe Sample: 6
Sample: 4
Makeup Item: 8
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 0
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 0
Mini nail polish: 14
Jumbo Size: 0

2014 TOTAL:
Normal: 67
Deluxe Sample: 41
Sample: 60
Makeup Item: 73
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 11
Sample Makeup Item: 2
Nail polish: 0
Mini nail polish: 15
Jumbo Size: 5



  1. Great job! Sad to hear that Nails Inc polishes gave you a headache! I love that Caudalie body butter, glad to hear you are also a fan!

    1. Yes it's amazing isn't it! I can't wait to buy another one :)


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