Review: Chanel Glossimers in '178 Sonate' and '179 Murmure'

I don't typically buy a lot of lip gloss. It's not that I don't like them, I do, but a lot of them are either uncomfortable, barely makes a difference or full of all-too-visible glitter making me look a bit too much like I did when I was 12. Therefore when I do find glosses I do like, I like to get them when I can. Enter Chanel's Glossimers and their Spring 2014 limited edition 'Sonate' and 'Murmure'.

I love Glossimers. All of them. The texture feels fantastic on the lips. I find them comfortable, non-drying and fairly long wearing, at least for a gloss. The only reason I don't have a tonne of them is due to them generally being relatively un-pigmented, very glittery and I just don't see the point of a high-end virtually clear gloss. The Glossimers I do own though are very pigmented and I am always on the look-out for a new shade in the limited edition collections that will meet my lip gloss needs.

From reading the first description of Sonate and Murmure I knew these would be perfect. They both have a cream finish meaning no glitter and they are a bit pigmented, meaning they will make a bit of a difference. They have not disappointed.

As expected the consistency of these are as I'm used to with Glossimers. They are comfortable on the lips, not drying in the slightest and they both wear really well. I've worn both for 3-4 hours, which is really good for a gloss, for me at least. They both give a very nice tint to the lips.

Murmure is the lighter pink Glossimer. It gives just the effect I hoped it would. It makes my lips look beautifully pink, but naturally so. It gives a gorgeous pink lip that is perfectly acceptable for any environment, including office hours. Sonate is a darker shade of pink and adds a bit more colour to the lips than Murmure. It's still very natural and office friendly. Both glosses can be built up a bit for more pigmentation, but still with a very natural look.

I'm absolutely in love with these glosses! I'm so happy I got them! Even with my quite pigmented lips the glosses give a very nice effect, whilst still being natural. These are perfect for days when I am just going to school, or just doing errands and want to quickly add a tiny bit of something to my lips. Even though I thought getting both might be a tad excessive, I find them different enough so I'm happy I got both after all. It's probably unnecessary to point this out; but if anyone's still wondering; yes, I would absolutely recommend these!



  1. Sonate is a beautiful colour. You can't beat a bit of Chanel!

    1. Definitely, Chanel is my favourite brand! :)

  2. Oh. my. those. colors. are . GORGEOUS! I haven't tried any Chanel products, but this seems like a perfect place to get acquainted with the brand :)


    1. He he they are pretty irresistible yes!! I think these would be an excellent first try with the brand yes, get it get it!! He he :)

  3. Stunning colours, I really want to add some Chanel to my make up collection, the packaging alone makes my hear beat :)


    1. Every girl needs some Chanel in her life :) These would be a great place to start as well as they are everyday colours so you'll definitely get a lot of use out of them! x


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