Review: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre New Moon

I know I’m quite late to the party on this one, and it’s sold out almost everywhere by now, but I still wanted to write up a quick review as I’ve come to love this little glitter pot so very very much.

I’ve only bought one other Illusion D’Ombre in my life and that was 93 Impulsion (better known as the pink one) from this years spring collection. It instantly became one of my favourite products to use and I used it daily. As a convert to the already quite populated Illusion D’Ombre fan club I decided I definitely wanted to get some more. But by the time the Chanel Summer Collection finally came around I had reached a stage of wanting to use more natural products, and also wanting to really limit the amount of stuff I owned. From hearing other reviews, which have been really mixed, I also decided it might be best to skip New Moon after all. Too much of a glitter bomb, I agreed. But then one day when I was using my favourite Tom Ford quad, Golden Mink, I realised that wait a minute - I love glitter!

For those of you familiar with Tom Ford’s infamous “grown-up glitter”, New Moons sparklefest is in that same category. It’s far from office appropriate, make no mistake, but it also doesn’t look like you borrowed your teenage daughter’s makeup bag. The microglitters come in silver, gold and pink as far as my eye can tell.

Packed on New Moon is a beautiful red-toned warm brown. Sheered out it’s a very natural wash of color that pulls kind of rose gold. Sheered out completely leaves you with nothing but glitter, so I try to avoid that. I’ve been using New Moon mainly sheered out and it’s been beautiful. I’ll build it up a bit closer to the lashes and I’ve worn it just like that, with nothing else. I usually always have to put a matte or darker color through my crease to define it a bit, if not I don’t look put together at all. I’ve always wanted to have a colour I could just apply all over for a quicker look, but I’ve never found anything that worked. Not until now. For some reason putting just New Moon all over the lid looks fantastic. And I’ve worn the look every day I was on holiday and it felt amazing being able to cut down my getting ready time by a good couple of minutes.

Lasting power of New Moon is similar to the other Illusion D’Ombre I’ve tried, which means really good. It stays put all day with only minor fading. When used on top of a really heavy eye cream (Chanel Sublimage) I had a tiny bit of creasing, but nothing noticeable. Otherwise, no creasing at all.

I found it impossible to really capture the beautiful complexity of New Moon on camera, but this still is a good indicator of the colour.

I realise it’s a bit mean to write such a glowing review of something that’s near impossible to find, but if I didn’t write about it now, then I couldn’t ever. I know the collection wasn’t released that long ago in Europe so for the European readers this should still be possible to find! I've located it on the Selfridges website and Bergdorf Goodman where it's on back-order (links below) so you should still be able to get it if you want to!

There have been some issues with New Moon "shrinking" in the pot, and mine has already done that. Nonetheless it still performs exactly the same and I still love it and use it daily. I'm really considering getting a backup of this, which is something I never do almost on principle, but New Moon is just so frigging gorgeous I know I'll be heartbroken once it's finished. Fingers crossed Chanel somehow decides to make this one permanent!

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  1. That looks so pretty!


    1. It's even more beautiful in real life! Swatch it if you can - it's stunning! :) xx

  2. This is such a gorgeous color! But I got Mirage instead which I found more "neutral" besides I already had ebloui!


    1. Ebloui is such a pretty shade! It's a bit similar, you are right, so I see why you didn't feel like you needed New Moon! I was tempted by Mirage as well, such a gorgeous neutral shade like you said, but I decided to just go for one this time. Hopefully I won't regret it he he! :) xx


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