Review: Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra

No matter how much I try to embrace my pale, I just can't help but long for tanned, bronzed glowing skin! Especially now during the summer months! I've still kept at it with my daily SPF 50, but have had a bit of a love affair with self-tanners the past few weeks. As much as I love the look of self-tanning, it's undoubtedly a lot of hassle, and it never lasts long enough, at least not on my face! So for those other days, when my pale face makes it's return, I have been depending on this hero product, the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra, to give me a healthy glow - and wow has it delivered. I said it in my June favourites, and I'll say it here again; I think I can safely say now that this is my all-time favourite bronzer!

Tom Ford's beautiful huge bronzer has been a favourite of mine since getting it. I bought it last summer, and while trying to finish other bronzers saved this one for special occasions. When I finally finished my last other bronzer in spring, I started using this one on the daily. I've bought another Laguna, and another Les Beiges since then, but they are still untouched and in their box. I just can't stop using this! When I started noticing rings through the powder and realised I might hit pan soon I decided it really was time I write a review of this glorious glow-giver!

Tom Ford's Bronzing Powder comes in a very large, but very sleek compact. It has the signature mahogany and gold, with the Tom Ford logo printed at the front. The compact comes with a whopping 21 grams of product - compared to 12 grams in Chanel's Les Beiges, or only 8 grams in Nars' Laguna. The compact comes in a brown velvet dust bag, the same kind as the blushes, which I recommend keeping and using, especially for travel. This as the powder is large, but kind of thin. I've had no problems with the powder shattering, but I fear it might be prone to if knocked around in a makeup bag in checked-in luggage. Keeping it in the dust bag will help prevent that.

The bronzer goes on beautifully. It's smooth, blendable and incredibly natural. It's a matte bronzer, there is no glitter, but I find it has a very slight sheen to it when the sunlight hits your face. All very natural though! I normally only apply bronzer along the contours of my face, but Terra I've found can be used in many different ways. I can apply a very sheer application of this all over, for a natural glow. I can apply with a light hand around the contours for a very natural glow that you can't really see, but definitely lifts the face. I can also build it up for an incredible glow, and then build it up some more if desired. I can add this more over my cheeks if I want just the golden look, and it doesn't look dirty or like I applied too much, just more golden, more glowy and more gorgeous.


This also lasts well throughout the day. It doesn't stay put and looks the same after 12 hours, sure. But when it fades, it fades evenly, so even if you might be less bronzed 8 hours later, you still look nice. There's no weird patchiness going on, even during long, warm summer days.

This is apparently found in many professional makeup artists kits and I'm not surprised. This is so versatile, buildable, natural even on my pale skin and the huge compact is simply stunning. I always take this with me on holiday not just because I love the product inside, but because the huge mirror is fantastic for those hotels with bad lighting, when sitting in front of the window is the only thing that will do.

Tom Ford's Terra is expensive, sure, but you get tons and tons of product. Like with most of his line, once you break it down gram for dollar, it's usually actually not much more expensive than other products. This will be an investment item for some, or a little tuesday purchase for others. Regardless of the price tag, the product itself is absolutely fantastic, and if it's a purchase you are considering for yourself, know that I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend it and just know you'll love it! I just can't imagine anyone not!

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  1. I love the swatch of this! God it sure is expensive but then if you say that theres a lot of product then may be its worth a dekko!


    1. Yeah you get a lot more product so it kind of works out the same in the end, it's just a lot to pay at once! It's definitely worth having a look at if you can - it's goorgeous!! :) xx

  2. ahhhhh ahhhh. i need it!!! i always vaguely consider it and then try to forget about it lol

    1. Ha ha yeah it's a dangerously seductive bronzer lol! It's goorgeous both in the pan and on - I'm even about to hit pan which I'm a mix of excited and sad about lol! xx

  3. Bronzers are a must-have for contouring; but aside from that, it’s one of the best tricks against looking pale despite wearing a blush-on. I’d love to see how this looks on you. Maybe you can show us some techniques on how you do your look for a gorgeous natural glow? Thanks for recommending this!

    Harry Gill @ The Rouge Cosmetics

    1. He he hopefully I'll get comfortable in front of the camera at some point! This one is almost fool-proof and can be used all over, for contouring or on the high-points for a sun-kissed look! I've actually hit pan on this now - shows you how much I really love it! :) Thanks for leaving a comment! xx


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