Review: La Mer The Powder

Following my infatuation with the La Mer moisturiser, and then the lip balm it was only fitting I move on to their makeup line. 'The Powder' gets a good amount of raves on youtube, and I see it featured in many Instagram photos, but haven't seen too many full blog reviews on it. I thought I'd change that, and if you've read my other La Mer reviews, yes this is another rave..

La Mer's The Powder is a loose powder that comes in a rather large and somewhat chunky plastic tub. It's frosted see-through, has a white lid and 'LA MER' written across the front in big white letters. Like all La Mer's products, it's simple, but sophisticated all at the same time. It looks rather nice on my makeup table, but most loose powders do. This also comes with a top-quality puff that I will definitely keep once it's finished - it's incredibly soft!

Inside the mega tub comes 25g of product. I have the shade 01 Creme, which is the lightest one. It comes in three different shades plus a translucent one. I've heard the translucent powder performs differently, and not as well as the tinted ones, so I've steered clear of that for that reason. I obviously haven't tried it, so I can only relay on information from others and not confirm or deny myself. If choosing a coloured powder over a translucent one irks you, I must say there isn't much colour to this, so it's hardly the end of the world if you choose "wrong".

The powder has barely any coverage and is to be used as a setting powder, or a mattifying one. I wouldn't really say it has any coverage at all, to be fair. The powder blends across the skin more silky and smooth than any loose powder I've ever used. But that's not what makes this so fantastic - it's how it makes the skin look!

I use this to set my foundation and concealer. I mostly apply this to my t-zone, and then take only a little bit over the rest of my face to set my foundation/concealer. This mattifies the skin, but still keeps a bit of luminosity and glow. It  doesn't make my face look overly matte, cakey or "flat". It's the most natural "just-like-skin" sheen I've ever been able to achieve using a powder. This also helps keep foundation from moving, keeps skin matte and keeps everything in place and looking good for several hours more than it would otherwise.

I said previously that this doesn't have any coverage, and it doesn't. At least only possibly a tiny small bit. When I apply this, I find that instead of moving concealer around and removing a bit of the cream products I've already applied (which a lot of powders annoyingly do) this somehow just smooths over any not perfectly blended edges, a not-so-perfectly matched concealer to foundation - and somehow just "melts" it all perfectly together. While this doesn't have any coverage, I find that applying this as my final step when doing my base, takes it all to that "next level". Simply put - it makes the skin look perfect. And perfectly natural all at the same time.

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  1. Sounds amazing! La Mer never fail me with their products and will definitely have to invest in this one.

    Ploy x

    1. Me too! I'm so impressed with everything I've tried so far! I hope you like the powder if you end up getting it! :) xx

  2. I loved your review on this! And I must say I agree with every point made. It definitely is the best powder I have ever owned! I even decant it to take it with me on vacation and that's a first for me too! Lol

    1. Thank you! He he that's amazing, I should do that! I always want to take it with me as well, but don't because it's so huge - what do you decant it into? :) xx


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