NOTD: OPI 'You're Such A Budapest'

I wasn't going to buy any more polishes for a while, with the exception of Chanel. I really tried to not even look at OPI's Euro Centrale collection, but the blue leaning lilac "You're such a Budapest" had my heart from the start. Looking through my collection I realised it was actually lacking light, pastel summer colours, so with that in mind I justified it, and I'm really happy I did! I really didn't have anything like this!

On the nails "You're Such A Budapest" is pretty true to the colour you see in the bottle. It's a beautiful lilac with a lot of blue in it. It's on the cooler side (in terms of tone), but I think most people could wear it. I love that while it's a bit more of a "special" color than your typical reds, pink and nudes it's still very classy and could be worn to any event and would certainly be (most) office(s) appropriate.

The first coat was pretty uneven and streaky, absolutely not wearable. The second one was better, but I opted for three coats for it to be completely opaque and perfect. Three coats is a bit annoying, but when the finished result is a color like this it's worth it. Especially as I use Seche Vite on top which makes it dry in no time! I use Nail Envy as my base coat.

Lasting power is pretty great, in line with most of my other OPI polishes. I applied it three days ago and it's perfect except for one slight chip on my right index finger and some slight tip wear. I don't typically like to wear polishes for much more than three days anyway so this is perfect for me.

I adore the shade, finish and look of this and am really happy I caved and bought it. I see myself using this one a whole lot through the summer, but also fall and possibly winter as well. It's a bright colour, but it's not so much that it belongs only on a beach with an umbrella topped cocktail, though I sure wouldn't mind that right now! Back to studying then!



  1. This colour is really beautiful and I love the names OPI give their polishes! xx

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    1. He he yeah OPI has the best names! x

  2. Oh man this colour is amazing! Agreed on the names - they're always so fun!

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    1. It's the perfect summer colour! :D xx


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