NOTD: Chanel 593 Rose Moiré

Rose Moiré is one of two polishes from Chanel's Moiré Le Rouge collection that were released recently as part of their Fall lineup for 2013.

Rose Moiré is a beautiful shade and nothing like anything else I have in my collection, especially not by Chanel. The colour is hard to describe, but I would say it's a dusty rose with a hint of purple or grey. The finish is metallic, but the polish is still super classy. Any one of any age; from very young to very old could wear this no problem and look very elegant.

The polish itself is of excellent quality, one of the best one's I've used, both compared to other Chanel polishes and in general. One coat gave full opacity, but I applied a second one just for "good measure". Also because the first layer did apply very streaky, unfortunately. With two layers the streakiness is barely visible at all.

Lasting power is usually not Chanel's selling point with their polishes, but this one is amazing. Besides some minor tip-wear that is barely noticeable the polish was still in perfect condition after 6 days! I'm removing it simply because I'm bored and also because I want to review the other polish from this collection; 595 Rouge Moiré.

I am already in love with this polish. It goes with everything, it's classy and chic, but still edgy. It reminds me a lot of Frenzy that came out last Fall - a polish I also loved for it's amazing versatility and that has become one of my all-time favourites (it was my nail polish of 2012 even!). It's rare I fall this hard for a nail polish as there's so many out there, but with this one I'm even considering getting a back-up.

Needless to say; I highly, highly recommend snatching one of these up before they sell out! If you buy one nail polish this season, this will be a great pick that you'll get a ton of use out of!



  1. This is gorgeous! xx


  2. Cute!! At first I thought it'd be overly sweet but turns out it was chic and elegant. It looks really pretty on your skin tone. When can I pain my nails like you..... hm....?

    1. Aw thank you! :D
      And he he as soon as you get Rose Moiré! It's so easy to apply this one, almost fool-proof! :) x


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