NOTD: Chanel 605 Tapage

I originally decided to skip Tapage. "Do I really need another pink/red polish?" - the answer to that would definitely be no. I still decided to try it on in the store, and after wearing it all day by the time I got home I knew I would have to go back. Tapage doesn't seem like it's all that special, until you try it on.

Tapage is as mentioned a pink toned red. What is hard to see from just looking at it in the bottle, or even on swatches online is just how vibrant it is. It's almost glowing. It's a really fresh  and fun colour that I will wear a lot when the warmer seasons finally come around. The polish has a cream finish.

Application of Tapage is also an absolute breeze. When trying it on in store I applied it straight onto the nail with no base coat. I also only used one coat. It dried to a completely opaque and beautifully shiny cream finish. I've also applied it on top of Dior Base Coat Apricot and finally on top of OPI Nail Envy when applying my own bottle at home. With or without base coat, and with both the different base coats I applied it to - it applied exactly the same. That being said red polish has been known to stain nails yellow, so I wouldn't skip the base coat regardless.

Tapage is also a one coater. I applied two coats at home simply because I prefer to, but I could have easily gotten away with just the one. The polish also dries very quickly. All this makes this the perfect polish for those on-the-go moments. Though I certainly wouldn't recommend skipping a base coat with this, still if your running late and really want some colour on your nails you could have your nails wearing Tapage in absolutely no time at all. A quick one coat - dry within a few short minutes and you can be out the door! It won't last exceptionally long, but you'll be good for the day/evening.

Weartime for me, with my usual OPI Nail Envy as the base coat and with Seche Vite as the top coat was 4 days. Tapage wore perfectly for 2 days, had slight tip wear on day 3 with noticeable chipping on day 4 when I removed it. This is usual wear time with Chanel polishes for me.

We've all got a few red, pink and red/pink nail polishes lying around at home, I'm sure. Therefore for most Tapage can't be that easily justified. Still, go and swatch it in store. It's beautiful! While you don't need this and probably have somehting similar at home, Tapage really is a spectacular colour and one that will be a perfect bright, yet classy pop of colour when we can finally take off our winter coats and enjoy a matching watermelon mojito in the sun. Oh, spring can't come soon enough...


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