Review: LING Hi-Vitamin C 12% Anti-Oxidant Brightening Solution

With all the Vitamin C serums I've tried over the past few years I will admit a lot of them, while good, felt pretty much the same. Though I still love Vit C serums, I found it harder to get super excited about finding new ones as they were all promising and giving more or less the same results, except for a few twists and tweaks. Then I came across Ling's Vitamin C serum. It promised to help even skin tone and heal scars (like most vit c serums), but also to boost collagen production and help kill acne bacteria. A serum that would rid marks from past blemishes, whilst preventing new ones - all at the same time?! This was a whole new kind of Vitamin C serum for me and into my cult beauty basket it went!

The serums comes beautifully packaged inside a "sleeve" you need to push out. All Ling's serums have grey labels, with a color for each of the serums as a guide to differentiate between them. The Vitamin C serum has been given the colour orange which, as you can see, is given to the band around the top of the bottle and the text on the label.

To use the serum you need to pull off the cap and then use the pipette. The serum is clear and doesn't really have any scent. It smells kind of "chemically" which is a bit strange at first, but once you get used to it it's less noticeable. The scent disappears once the serum is applied, meaning it doesn't linger and therefore shouldn't be a problem. It isn't for me at least. There's no artificial fragrance added to the serum, so while it may not smell of freshly baked cookies, fragrance in skin care can really irritate the skin, so I'll take the chemical smell any day!

I apply a few drops to my fingers and dab it on my forehead, cheeks and chin before rubbing it in. The serum heats up a little when doing this, which freaked me out a bit at first as I thought I was having a terrible reaction to it. Fear not though, I guess this is normal because it cools down and then everything is fine. I haven't had any reactions to the serum, no bad ones anyway.

The reactions my skin has had from using this are all good ones. This really delivers on the promises it makes. I've used this irregularly, this way I got an amazing glow and radiance to the skin and even skintone. I've also used this every other day, which is what I've been doing for the past few months. This is the best way to use it. With more consistent use I get less of a million dollar glow as skin gets more used to the vitamin c. What I do get however, is even skin tone and no blemishes. 

This stuff has gotten rid of scars and hyperpigmentation from blemishes I had years ago. Marks I had just gotten used to being there, thinking they "always" would be as nothing ever got rid of them. Not until I used this! I was so used to them being there, I didn't even really realise they were gone until I went to cover them with concealer as always and realised I barely had anything to cover. It's friggin' amazing!

Adding to that the rest of my face has a really even skin tone and I'm rarely getting any blemishes of any kind. Mind you I've never had full on acne or a lot of blemishes, but they've definitely ruined a weekend or seven over the past few years and I've found them enough of a problem to notice the difference when they aren't "popping up" at all.

Adding to all of the excitement of the downright fantastic results this gives, the ingredients list is something to get equally excited about. A nice short list without a whole lot of fillers and crap you don't really want to put on your skin. There's no parabens, no fragrance, no dyes and colors and no animal testing. The ingredients list is a whole three ingredients! But three good ones, and, apparently, sometimes that's all you really need!

Even though Ling Skincare is available at blogger favourite cult beauty and has been for a while, I've yet to see even one review on any of it. I might have just managed to miss it, but even so I think the line deserves a lot more hype than it has received. I was recently in Copenhagen where I stumbled onto the line at a department store and bought a backup of the Vitamin C serum as I'm running low. In the future I definitely want to give many of the other serums a go as well, if not all of them eventually. If this one is any indication on the quality of the rest of the line - then it could all possibly be the best line-up of serums available on the market!

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