Favourites: May 2014

I've finally finished my exams for this year and so I'm back to blogging. May was a really fun month for me in terms of makeup and skincare. I've stuck to the same skincare routine pretty consistently and my skin has been amazing as a result. Makeup wise I haven't been doing anything too fancy as I've spent most of my time studying, but we've had really good weather so getting to use some brighter colours again has been a lot of fun.

First out are these two base products. Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser ( review - get it here) is an old favourite of mine that I've never really put away, but with my skin being really good this served my needs perfectly the past month and has been the only base product I've used.

I bought the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ( here )last summer and have used it on and off, but it's not until this month I've used it consistently. This as my beloved By Terry Touche Veloutee ran out. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is light feeling, creamy, blends incredibly well, looks so natural, but packs a lot of pigment and covers imperfections well. It also has amazing lasting power - I think I'll be using this a lot the coming months!

I've got a review coming right up about Creme De La Mer ( here ) so I don't want to get into this one too much, but I did still want to feature it in this post as it's been my hero product of the month. Knowing I tend to get stress breakouts whenever I have exams I decided to go full La Mer this month to try and avoid it. The results have been just as I've come to expect from this little gem - perfect skin the whole month. Amazing.

I've been using this sample of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino ( here ) perfume all month and what can I say - it's heaven in liquid form. It's quite similar to Byredo's Palermo, another firm favourite of mine. I can't get a hold of Tom Ford fragrance in Norway, but next time I'm somewhere it's available I think it's high time I get a bottle of this stuff.

Most of you have probably picked up on my affections for Fushi's Organic Rosehip Oil ( review ) the past year, but this month I decided to "venture out" a bit, and try another oil by Fushi - the Calendula Oil ( here ). This is meant to be especially good for skin that gets irritated, or is sensitive and again - my skin tends to get a bit "annoyed" during high stress times, such as exams, so I thought this just might do the trick. From it being featured here - you guessed it, it did deliver and I've truly enjoyed using this every morning after my shower on my upper chest, back and arms.

This is a limited edition blush by Chanel from last year, called Frivole ( review ). It's a beautiful orange with some pink in it and it gives the most gorgeous glow. As soon as the weather got warmer I took this back out, and I've used it every day since. This is one of my favourite blushes of all time, but I will say it's fairly dupeable. I know Tarte makes a few shades like this, so if you are intrigued take a look in that direction.

Finally I wanted to share this newer candle by Cire Trudon. It's called Merida ( here )and it's exquisite! I never thought any candle could top my beloved Abd El Kader ( review ), also by Cire Trudon - and this one hasn't topped it, but I dare say I think I love it just as much. It smells of delicious ripe Guavas, but with an air of mystery to it. It's a stunner that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate it.

So there you have it - my favourites for the month of May. I'm obviously excited to be on summer holiday, but also to get back to blogging again! There's some great products up for review the coming month, but do let me know if there's anything in particular you would like to see a review or post on - and also, what have been some of your favourite products recently?

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  1. Frivole is so pretty! I don't own a Chanel blush and that needs rectification! :P

    New Chanel Les Beiges Multi Color No. 02 review | TheConscienceFund

    1. Chanel blushes are amazing, you should definitely try them out! :)

  2. gorgeous favorites, ellie! you and lisalisad1 are trying to push me over the edge to buy tom ford's neroli portofino. that fushi oil sounds intriguing. thanks for sharing! xo, megan

    1. He he try it on and then try NOT buying it I dare you lol! It's just so.. Perfect! :) i really recommend the fushi oils, i've got a full review of the rosehip oil on the blog that you can check out! :) xx


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