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Ah Creme de La Mer. This is a product that needs no introduction. We've all heard the raves from countless celebrities and otherwise fabulous people I'm sure a lot of us look up to and admire. On the other hand, we've all also heard the sobering reviews from skin care enthusiasts claiming the ingredients list totes nothing special at all and we're all just victims to a very clever marketing ploy. With so many conflicting opinions, and at such far ends of the spectrum, it's hard to know what to think. I concluded this was one I simply had to try myself, and so I did.

I wasn't really planning on trying the undoubtedly overpriced moisturiser, but when deciding to get myself a mega tub of the La Mer loose powder at the end of last year, the lovely sales assistant insisted I try a sample of the cream as well, so I figured why not?

The sample lasted me quite a few weeks, but I noticed results almost immediately. After 2-3 days of using the cream my skin was looking noticeably more even, less congested and generally more radiant and plump. With continued use I noticed past acne scars and pigmentation marks healed much faster and within two weeks of using it consistently my skin was looking better than I could ever remember it being. When the sample finished I bought the 30 ml Creme De La Mer Moisturising Cream the very next day.

Creme De La Mer comes in a white ceramic tub. It's packaged neatly inside a green box where the lid comes off and underneath the cream is a sturdy white spatula. I kept the cream in this box with the spatula for the whole time I've been using it.

To apply I would scoop out a bit with the spatula. The amount would differ depending on what kind of serum I had applied underneath. I found I needed a lot less when I was using an oilier serum, than something more quickly absorbing. Whatever the amount I would rub between my fingers to warm it up, and then gently press the product onto my face and neck. I would then rinse the spatula with warm water before drying it off and putting everything back in the box and away. As the cream comes in an open tub it's very beneficial to try and limit the germs, bacteria and air that gets inside, hence the spatula and my cleaning it after every use.

I have normal skin that is dehydrated. I use this as my night cream and only that. I could probably get away with using it during the day, but it is a heavier cream and I personally prefer lighter ones for daytime. If you've got dry skin though, this could probably be your best friend for daytime use as it does give a really beautiful and healthy glow.

I've used it a bit on and off since buying it at the start of January and I've only just finished it now. I'll say I've used it most nights, but I have switched in a few other creams here and then for just a few days. Every time I stopped using it I could tell my skin getting a bit worse, and every time I went back to it exclusively my skin went straight back to being fantastic.

Now, I know the ingredients list of this isn't as fabulous as it should be. And the creators of the cream claim it's not about the ingredients, but how they are blended together. I used to always think that was the dumbest excuse I had ever heard. That's until I tried it.

I can't deny that my skin has been looking simply remarkable these past few months. I've had almost no breakouts, and the few I've had have disappeared faster than I've ever known a breakout to do. They've left tiny or no marks at all, where I would previously always get a red mark after even the smallest blemish that would linger for sometimes years. My skin has also been plump, radiant and with a much more even skin tone.

With such amazing results you will probably wonder why I'm even thinking about not re-purchasing - and I'm not sure why myself. Honestly - it's all about the mineral oil. Which some claim is terribly bad for your skin, while others say it's perfectly fine. Mineral oil is supposed to have a tendency to clog your pores - but when this cream doesn't clog mine, at all, does it still matter that there is mineral oil in it?

This is a bit of a tough one. Though I try a lot of skincare and has gotten to know a thing or two about a good few ingredients, I'm still no dermatologist or skin care expert. I also feel apprehensive about recommending a cream at this price, with a seemingly very inexpensive ingredients list to back up the asking price. I guess my conclusion on this "miracle broth" will have to be simply based on my experience because that is one thing I am absolutely sure of, and my experience is a really, really good one. Fantastic even! If you are interested in trying this, try and get a sample - but be prepared that you just might fall head over heels in love with one of the most expensive moisturisers on the market!

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  1. Well this is practically beyond my budget! I have heard so many positive raves about this over the years..

    Friday Shopping! TheConscienceFund

    1. He he yeah it's definitely not cheap! Try getting a sample if you can, though there are other great creams out there with a much more affordable price that are just as good I'm sure :) xx

  2. Great review! I've heard a lot about this cream, I think I'd have to get a sample first like you said because it is very expensive. Xx


    1. Yeah it's quite the notorious little pot of "miracle broth" lol! Definitely do get a sample of it - it's too expensive to just not use if it doesn't work out! :) xx


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