Favourites: August 2013

Finally we're heading into fall - my favourite time of year! The weather has still been all about summer here in Norway, but I've been slowly transitioning my clothes, nail polish and makeup into more fall appropriate colours and formulas. Still no dark lipstick and cozy sweaters but hopefully soon! I can't wait for it to get a bit colder so I can wear layers and cute fall jackets. I'm also looking forward to cloudy crisp fall days so that I can properly concentrate on studying for uni - am I the only one finding it hard to focus with the sun beaming in through the windows?

Bond No. 9 Perfume in 'Union Square' 100ml
I visited the Bond No 9 store on Madison Avenue when I was in New York this summer. When there I tried the Union Square scent (among many others) and I knew I had to have it immediately. It's a fresh floral scent, but still elegant and a bit sexy. I adore it and highly recommend having a sniff if you get the chance! This perfume works with almost any occasion and I will continue wearing it through fall, winter and spring, but it is especially nice during the summer.

Chanel Ombre Essentiel in 'Gri-Gri' and 'Hasard' - click here for review of Hasard - click here for review of Gri-Gri -
I've written each of these their own review so I won't go into too much detail. They were both released as part of Chanel's Superstition Fall 2013 collection and I LOVE both of them. I've been using them almost non-stop since getting them, with Hasard as my crease colour. I seriously recommend getting these before they sell out!

Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel
I've been loving applying the white shade to my inner corner highlight just with my finger. It gives the most gorgeous shine to your eye. It's a very "wet" highlight and is therefore also perfect when applied to the cupids bow. I don't use the other colours of this wheel too much and wish I could buy just the white one on it's own. Still, Ben Nye products are very reasonable in price and I really do recommend getting this one, even if only for the white colour!

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel
I've forgotten about this gem all through winter, and most of the summer as well - but finally in August it made it's comeback! And as usual my reaction is "why did I ever stop using this?!". It's a brilliant bronzer. Quick, easy and perfect when combined with a quick cream blush for lazy days. It can be a bit too orange if you are really pale and/or use a bit too much product, but with a very light hand this should work for most!

Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation in 4,5
This stuff, seriously guys.. This foundation is my holy grail of foundations. It's absolutely brilliant! When applied it goes on looking just like it's your skin, only with an all over even skintone and with blemishes and similar minimised. Perfect skin in a bottle!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 45ml
I bought this at end of July and fell in love almost immediately. I've been using it in place of a moisturiser during the day, with a moisturiser during the day and under night cream at night. It balances my skin to perfection leaving it radiant and plump. Amazing! Full review to come soon!

Blow Pro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo
After watching one of my favourite youtubers Chelsea at 'ChelseaWears' talk about this in her July Favourites I knew I had to have it. It's one of the best dry shampoos I've tried. The powder does indeed leave somewhat of a white-cast if your not careful, but it also makes hair feeling light and clean plus the added bonus of a whole lot of volume - more volume than I can get from any other product! And that is the main reason I've been loving it so much!



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