Empties: June & July 2017

I decided to do a combo for June and July, which means I've got quite a lot of products to talk about this time. There's a nice mix of everything, including makeup, which is always the best part.

Joico Moisture Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner 300ml x 2 ( here )

I really enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner duo. It made my hair soft, kept it hydrated and didn't weigh it down. This is the second batch of these I've gone through.

Ole Henriksen Empower Hydrating Hand Cream 60ml ( discontinued)

A nice hand cream. Lightweight and not sticky. Unfortunately it's been discontinued as far as I can tell.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Xerand Hand Repair Cream 50ml ( here )

A good hand cream for those of us with drier hands. It's very hydrating, but manages to be so without being too thick, heavy or greasy. I've gone through countless tubes of it, and it's one I'll probably always keep returning to.

Biotherm Lait Corporel Anti-Drying Body Milk 400ml ( here )

My all-time favourite body lotion. I always have one on hand, and it would take a lot for me to stop re-purchasing.

Balenciaga Florabotanica Perfumed Body Lotion 30ml x 2 ( discontinued? )

As far as body lotions go, these were unimpressive. I'm also not a big fan of the scent, but if you are then you'd probably enjoy these a lot in combination with the perfume.

Sachajuan Ginger Flower Body Wash 300ml ( here )

This smells amazing, but the product itself isn't a quality product. It's thin and you need to use a lot each time. I think I went through the whole thing in about a month to a month and a half. That is too quickly to go through 300ml of body wash. At least in my opinion.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub 200ml ( here )

This was a very good body scrub. It stays gritty as you rub it across the skin, is really effective, a little goes a long way - and it comes in a tube! 

Tan Towel Self-Tan Anti-Aging Towelette  1.92 ml + Self-Tan Towelette 15ml ( here )

These are incredible! I seldom hype about self-tanners, I find them to mostly do about the same thing, but these truly are something else! I was quite skeptical, I must admit, but the towels are truly soaked in product, there's enough to cover your entire body, and it's so easy to use! I had no streaks at all. My favourite thing though, is that it had dried in about 5 minutes! Yes, seriously. I could get dressed and move on with my evening after just 5 minutes. For anyone else tending to skip self-tanning due to the hassle (like me) - try these! 

Biotherm Life Plankton Mask 5ml ( here )

This is a really good moisturising mask. I used this sample as a night cream, and woke up to hydrated, plump and balanced skin. I am tempted to get the full size.

Verso Day Cream with Retinol 8 2ml ( here )

Unsurprisingly, I didn't get much of an impression with just 2ml of this stuff, but I can tell you that I didn't have a reaction to it, which I guess is something, especially when retinols are involved.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil 1.5ml ( here )

Another hit from Biotherm! My skin was super plump and glowing the next morning after I used this. Biotherm is really doing well with their skincare, I am really tempted to give their range a try.

StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles 3ml ( here )

The packaging of this advertises noticeable results after 6-8 weeks, or something to that effect. Well, this covered half of my body one time, so I can't really say I truly put it to the test. It was ok, my skin felt no different to other days..

La Prairie Cellular Refining Lotion 250ml ( here )

I love La Prairie's toners. This is the third or fourth bottle of the Refining Lotion I've been through. It's a very gentle, balancing and hydrating toner. If you have dry to combination skin, this would work really well for you.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser 100g ( here )

As far as cleansing balms go, this is ok, but it's not among the best I've used. My problem with this is that it turns into an oil almost immediately upon application. By that I mean it's too slippery and I don't get the "grab" with less oily balms that truly lets me deep clean the skin. It's ok, I enjoy it enough, but once I've been through the ones I have I don't see myself re-purchasing.

Clarins UV PLUS Anti-Pollution  Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF 50 30ml ( here )

My favorite sunscreen! This doesn't leave a white-cast, doesn't interfere with makeup or skincare, is super lightweight and best of all - absorbs completely after one minute!

LING Vitamin K Anti-Redness Calming Solution 30ml ( here )

The skin on my face reacted to this, so I ended up mixing it in with my body lotion. The skin on my upper body is more sensitive and reactive, and I can say that when using this with my body lotion I felt my skin got stronger and less reactive. I won't re-purchase for use this way, as it's just too expensive to use that way, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

FILORGA Time-Filler Mat 50ml ( here )

A fantastic moisturizer. I used it as a day cream, and it was lightweight, balancing, but still hydrating enough for my usually dehydrated skin. It also kept my skin clear and happy. I'd be happy to use another tub of this.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream 50ml ( here )

I love the emulsion as a day cream, and while I didn't absolutely love this as a night cream, it was ok. I'll be sticking with the emulsion for use in the day, and my beloved La Mer for the evenings. If you have skin that is more dry than mine though, I'd consider this one as a day cream. It's calming, super hydrating, plumping, doesn't at all clog pores and promotes healing in the skin. The Ice Crystal range is fantastic, I'm currently also using the serum, I just prefer the emulsion to this, though very much enjoyed using both.

Verso Super Eye Serum with Retinol 8 30ml ( here )

This was a nice eye serum, and my first with retinol. It can seem expensive at first, but you get 30ml here, which is double the usual 15ml in eye products. It lasted me almost two years! It was good, but I felt it lacked a bit in terms of immediate results. I've moved on to the Hylamide SubQ Eye Serum, and can so far say I am enjoying that one more than this, so I probably won't return to this.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow 15ml ( here )

When new this was a fantastic white. With two coats I'd get full opacity, in a bright white colour. Unfortunately it's gotten old and has separated so I have to get rid of it.

Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock 15ml ( here )

This is a good base coat, but as far as tending to my brittle nails, it can't compete with OPI's original Nail Envy. I've been through quite a few of the Hard Rock as Deborah Lippmann products are supposed to have less chemicals in them. Unfortunately the results aren't as good as with my favourite, so I'll be making a return to Nail Envy. It's just too good not to use it.

Balmi Lip Balm 7g ( not online )

This was quite nice. I get the appeal of the application method with these "ball balms". The only downside is I did go through it quite quickly. I also still do prefer a balmier lip balm as my lips get quite dry, and I feel those are the only ones that really "treat" that.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment 2.2g ( here )

 I get the hype surrounding these. They are very moisturizing, especially compared to any other stick lip balms I've tried, and smell amazing.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ( here )

I have the full size of this. It's a classic for good reason. Not only does it smell incredible, it is a good quality product that you need little of and that lasts all day. Wouldn't expect any less from Chanel.

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero Minus 30ml ( here )

This has been a life saver for me when it comes to foundations that are too dark. Blending a few drops of this with a foundation that is too dark, has saved me from having to throw them out and let me actually use them up. This doesn't interfere with the formula in any way, except lighten the color. If you have lighter skin and keep ending up with foundations that are too dark, I couldn't recommend this enough.

YABY PF035 ( here )

I have a lot of YABY products from when I worked as a makeup artist, and have recently decided to work on using them up as they are getting old. The powders are nice, the colours are flattering and they blend well. I don't feel a need to buy it again, but I really enjoyed it and they are quite affordable, so a good option to consider if you've got your eye on one. 

Guerlain Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator in 01 ( here )

This is really good. It brightens and covers quite well for an illuminator, but best of all it has skincare benefits. It hydrates and plumps the skin around the eyes, and help with puffiness. I've been through a few of this before, and will definitely re-purchase. 

Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer in 20 7.5g ( here )

This is a nice doe-foot concealer. It covers well, stays put and doesn't irritate or clog the skin. I've used it both under eyes and to cover imperfections, it works well on both.

Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur in 12 Beige Rosé ( discontinued )

This is a really good powder. It both feels and looks super natural and light on the skin, and while it doesn't really cover anything, it helps even skintone and blend everything seamlessly together. It's matte without being overly matte, and helps keep skin shine-free as well as keeps makeup on for longer. It also works well for touching up without getting "cake-face". One I would definitely consider buying again, had it not been discontinued.

Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Eye Shadow in 6 1.8g ( discontinued )

This was at one point my favourite lid shade. I've been through most of it, and held on to it for a long time due to sentimental reasons. It's now dry, old and it's time to get rid of it. I'll always be positive to YSL eyeshadows though, I've used quite a few in the past, and they were always good.

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara 10ml ( review - here )

My favourite mascara. This lenghtens, builds volume, all without clumping or smudging. It also both curls and keeps a curl like few other mascaras can. I've been through countless tubes, and will most definitely re-purchase.

Lancome Rouge in Love 322M 4,2ml ( here )

A beautiful bright coral shade. It's matte, and long lasting, but doesn't dry the lips out. A beautiful formula all around.

New Cid Cosmetics I-Crayon Lip and Cheek Tint ( discontinued )

I received this in a beauty box, and will have to categorize it as a bit of a miss. It's patchy, smudges a bit and doesn't last.

Chanel Glossimer in 179 5.5g ( limited edition )
One of my all-time favorite lip glosses that unfortunately was limited edition. Beyond the colour, the formula is amazing. Non-sticky, non-drying and gives lips a lovely even tint.

Normal: 15
Deluxe Sample: 5
Sample: 4
Makeup Item: 10
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 0
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 2
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 1

2017 TOTAL:
Normal: 82
Deluxe Sample: 15
Sample: 18
Makeup Item: 59
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 4
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 7
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 5

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