Products I Want To Use Up: Update #5

My last update was in January so I figured as we're heading towards the end of March, now would be a good time to do a little update on my use-it-up project! I've finished one item since last time, and one I'm throwing away, which means I'll be adding two new products to the project as well.

I've used almost everything since my last update, with the exception of just two which I'll get into as I get to them. I've finished one item, and made decent progress on a few as well. If you want to check out my previous posts, here are the links to those;

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I just realised as I was writing this post that I forgot to take a separate picture of my progress with the Nars Penny Lane Cream Blush discontinued ), so I'll write about it here. I haven't used it much, but just started using it again this past week. There's not much progress showing here, but I think I'll have more by the next update.

The item I finally finished was Chanel Lotus here ). I've been working on this since last summer, using it pretty much every time I've done my makeup. In the fall I started using this as a face highlighter, which is how I managed to use it up. Had I continued using it as just an inner corner highlight I probably would still be only half-way done with it.

I've decided to give up on my Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer here ). The shade is wrong for me right now, and I feel like it's causing me to break out when I do use it. It's just a bit old, and I just feel uncomfortable trying to use it.

Since my last update I haven't touched my Chanel Espiegle Blush discontinued ). I used it pretty much exclusively through the summer and fall, and barely made a dent. I ended up poking a hole in it just to see how far off I was from hitting pan, which made me realise I've got ages to go. I've had to just put it away for a while, cause I'm so sick of it. I don't think I'll be using it again for a while to be completely honest.

I've used a fair bit of my Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser here ). I used it everyday for about 3 weeks until I switched which I think is pretty good. It's hard to tell if I am making progress, but if you look at the picture where you can see it from the side; I've just got a bit left down at the bottom.

When I put away the Chantecaille, it was to get back to using the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ( reviewhere ). I've used this pretty much everyday for all of March and I'm still loving it so it's no problem keeping at it. When I press the pump to get foundation out I notice I'm getting more and more air so this should be getting down to the very bottom. I'll give this about another month or so.

These two I've barely touched. Mac Romp ( discontinued ) I don't think I've used even once, but Mac Omega ( here ) I've used about a handful of times. Through this project I've really come to love these two though, so I'm less anxious to finish them up, but it's fun to track my progress nonetheless so I'll still keep them in the project.

I haven't used my Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning Primer ( here ) much since last time, but there's still a bit of progress showing as there's definitely more pan. I need to let this "set" a bit before I apply my foundation, which I haven't had time for recently as I've been at school really early every day, but once things calm down a bit I don't think I've got too many applications left in this, so that's good.

An item I've used a lot is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit here ). I've finished the powder side completely and the pan is definitely bigger than in the last update. I've quite been enjoying this with my Marc Jacobs Concealer Brush, so this won't be as big of a hassle as I thought to finish which is great.

And now for the two items I'm adding. I realise adding another concealer to the project is a tad ambitious, especially as this is one has a lot of product, but I've decided to add the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ( here ). Even though I'm already working on my Bobbi Brown concealer, I only use that one under the eyes, and I only use the Laura Mercier for blemishes, redness etc. so I think I can work on both at the same time. I'm also really eager to get through this one as I've had it for a while. It's a really great product, so there's really no reason for it to just "hang around" not being used.

The other product I'm adding is one I really wasn't sure of as well, but nonetheless here it is the RMS Living Luminizer here ). I've had it for a while already and it's got a 12 month expiration date, and it's natural so they "really mean it". This is another great product that I love and so I want to get into the habit of using it everyday. I'm not sure if I'll get through this before it goes bad, but I want to get as much use out of it as possible. Especially as I'd like to re-purchase when it does go bad, something I won't be able to justify if this goes in the trash barely touched!

So there's that! I haven't used up much this time around, but I think by my next update I'll probably have finished the Armani Foundation and the Bobbi Brown Concealer. I also hope I've gotten through the Chantecaille Tinted Moisturiser and if I've finished the Clarins Primer that would be amazing. I'm aiming for a lot more pan on Nars Penny Lane. I don't think I'll use the Chanel Blush at all, so that's one I should definitely think about maybe removing from the project and replace with something else. It's just very discouraging when there's never any progress, but we'll see - perhaps I've fallen back in love with it by the next update, you never know.

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  1. I love these little updates. Makes me realise I should be using stuff up more too! Maybe you could start using Omega as an eyebrow powder? :)

  2. All that pan!!! Even if you don't feel like you've used that much, I always am so impressed by your product usage! Aaaaaaah...penny lane...I keep refusing to use mine because I know it'll be gone forever, but I've also had it awhile and I'm not sure it's even good anymore??? LOLOL that's so funny about the Chanel blush and that you poked a hole it it!!! Totally sounds like something I would do...I mean...eeeeesh, sometimes it's so frustrating trying to finish something and you just want it to be gone already!! Can't wait for the next update! xo

  3. I used to use it like that when my hair was lighter and it worked really well so it's a great idea, but now my brows are super dark and it looks really weird he he!! I've been thinking about using it as a contour though.. :D xx

  4. Hehe yeah that's why I'm making myself use it cause it will be even more depressing if it goes bad and I barely got to use it!! I've bought two RMS lip 2 cheek's cause they were on sale that I'm thinking miiight be similar (probably won't lol) that I'll open once I finish Penny Lane.. which doesn't seem like it'll be in a while thoughl! Haha yeah I tend to poke holes in my makeup that I'm trying to use up lol I just get too curious about how much is left!! xx

  5. Wow! That's some serious progress!
    You've really inspired me to start attempting to use up some products

    Dar | www.holylipstick.com

  6. Whoa you're actually coming REALLY close with most of these! Great job! I don't think I've seen that much pan in ANYTHING I own, partially because I don't wear makeup every day, and partially because I do have quite a stash... Anyways. I'd love to see the updates! Do you think you'll replace the products that are permanent when you are through with them?

  7. Thank you! There's been a few I want to replace, but after working on them so consistently for a while I definitely need a break after they are done! Plus there's always so much new stuff coming out that I'm dying to try that I very rarely re-purchase anything hehe!! I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about!! xx

  8. Wow, nice job!! and i'm impressed you only feel like giving up on one thing!

  9. Hehe well, for now, we'll see lol!! And thank you! :) xx


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