Favourites: November 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. My focus has solely been on preparing for my exams. Additionally, there's barely been sunshine here for almost a month now. Every day is dark and cloudy, which makes taking pictures incredibly difficult. We finally saw the sun peek through yesterday so I grabbed the chance to finally be able to snap some photos for my November Favourites post. Just as I had taken the last picture the sun disappeared and I think it'll be a while until I see it again. When I do I'll start working on the empties post for November! I may end up doing a combined November and December one if there's no sunlight for another few weeks, but now for my November Favourites!

As some of you may know I'm trying to make a point of using all of my red lipsticks during November and December for obvious reasons. I've fallen back in love with red lipstick and some of my lipsticks especially. Two of them are these two by Chanel. The darkest one Rouge Allure 73 'Clandestine' is a really cool vampy, super dark red (it's the bottom one) bordering on a bit brown-ish. As I've not bothered doing too much of an eye look lately, this paired really well with a really natural eye giving me a really edgy look with minimal effort. The other one is a Rouge Allure Velvet in 40 'La Sensuelle'. This is also a dark red, with a bit of a vintage vibe. The Velvet's are matte, but not flat and with a nice sheen still. In addition to these being lovely colors, this month I've been reminded of how superior the Chanel Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Velvet formula is.

I also returned to my limited edition Guerlain Perles du Dragon Meteorites. I finished the Wulong pressed powder which was from the same collection (and basically the same thing, but in pressed version) this fall and have since tried to use a few other things, but I finally missed the amazing finish it gives so cracked open this beautiful tin this month. This gives the most amazing glow to the skin, whilst cancelling out imperfections through the color combination in the pot. I think the two powders from this collection were the best Guerlain ever did and if they ever consider adding any of their limited edition Meteorites to their permanent line, or for re-release, I hope this is what they choose. I would stock up for sure!

 I picked up the three-piece set of this years Christmas Candles by Diptyque. I've loved each candle and really the whole set should be in here. I've bought the big size of the Réisine candle, and really wanted to get the big size of them all, but decided to be sensible. The candle in 'epice' has been especially wonderful these days as it's the one that is a full-on christmas scent. Despite it being little, Épice fills the entire room with a wonderfully soothing christmas aroma. When I smell this this gives me a bit of a smell of pine tree, and as someone who always had a freshly cut pine christmas tree growing up this really smells exactly like christmas at home for me. I really need to buy the big size of this. And 'Hiver' - they are just all amazing. Seriously, buy the whole lot if you have the chance - you'll have the best smelling home around.

 For some reason I suddenly started wanting to do some self-tanning this month. It's been a while since I bronzed up, this summer I believe, and it's been nice to see a bit of a healthy glow on my face again. The star product; James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face is seriously good stuff. I put this on instead of my night cream, on top of a hydrating serum. I try to do this a bit earlier than I have to go to bed to let it dry a bit, and then I sleep for x amount of hours before waking up to an amazing natural even tan. The results are always fantastic. I am seriously tempted to check out the rest of his products.

One of the perfumes I bought in November was the newly released 'My Burberry' by Burberry. I've never owned a Burberry perfume before, they never quite won me over. 'Body' was close, but there was just something missing. My Burberry is what I always wanted 'Body' to be. I was so excited when I first smelled the new perfume as I felt they had read my mind. It's a beautiful warm and elegant scent that is still feminine, without being cute. Definitely worth having a smell!

 Another Christmas product is one from Lush. This year was the first time I've bought any of Lush's christmas products, and also the first time I've used any of their shower gels. I originally went in the store intending to pick up their much raved about 'Snow Fairy' shower gel, but decided quickly it was just too sweet for me. 'So White' however, I instantly fell for. It smells of freshly cut apples, and not at all in that typical fake-apple scent, but actual freshly cut apples. I'm so happy with this I went back and bought the 500ml size!

Finally I have to mention Creme De La Mer. 'Again?', you say? Well yes, I know I talk about it a lot, but when I'm forking out the kind of cash they are asking for this tiny 30ml tub, it better be because I have good reason. And yet again this month confirmed it's worth it's weight in gold (as the price reflects). Through October and the start of November, since finishing my last tub of La Mer I decided to try and finish off a night cream I had opened before starting on another La Mer tub. While my skin wasn't in terrible shape, and I did use some nice products with nice results, I absolutely noticed that my skin was not as good as when I use La Mer. And surely, after going back to using La Mer for a few days my skin went from good to great. This is it guys, I'm definitely sticking to this until it stops working it's magic. All night creams are crossed of my wish list. I've found the one.



  1. Thank you for the lovely review:)

  2. happy you enjoyed it! thank you for leaving a comment! :)

  3. Oh! I think I have a deluxe sample of that James Read. Not sure which thing though, but it is something sleep related. I will have to try it! Lovely favorites, as usual!

  4. Try it it's really really nice! :D Thank you! :) xx

  5. Nice review Ellie. I use a lot of the same products you use/used, like Advanced Night Repair Serum, which I loved for years.
    I have some dark spots and I think they're caused by some old sunburnts (why, oh why, was I so irresponsible?) I read some reviews of this serum by Caudalie and most of them say, like yours, that it makes skin glow but it's not particularly effective for dark spots.
    So, maybe I will try it, sooner or later.
    Honestly, the most effective product I've ever used for dark spots is Equinol, by GoodSkin Labs. Its inci is not great at all, but it works. You only have to apply on the spots so you can also use another serum.
    This one by Caudalie is probably perfect to prevent pigmentation.


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