Review: Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic

I picked up the Pai BioAffinity Skin Tonic on a bit of a whim when I was visiting Dublin this September. I was re-purchasing Pai's infamous Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, now a firm favourite of mine, and decided to try something else from the brand and settled on something I actually needed; a new toner.

The Pai line offers two toners; the 'Rice Plant & Rosemary' for combination/sensitive skin and the 'Lotus & Orange Blossom' for dry/sensitive skin, which is the one I got. My skin was feeling very dry and in need of some tlc at the time of purchase, so it seemed like the perfect fit, plus I absolutely love orange blossom scented anythings. It's a note in one of my favourite perfumes; Elie Saab, and if you love that perfume as well - you'll love the scent of this!

The toner comes in a frosted glass bottle with a spray that you can screw off should you want to. It also has a plastic lid that clicks close very securely. That might sound like an odd thing to point out so precisely, but this really clicks shut, as in; I would be very surprised if this ever ended up leaking anywhere. All in all the point is the packaging is sturdy and of noticeably good quality, which is something I really appreciate. It holds 50 ml of product, is vegan and cruelty-free, and has an expiration of 6 months.

If you're worried about a relatively short expiration date, no need to worry - there's no way you'll have this more than 6 months if you use it even just somewhat regularly. I swooped through this in no time. Like I said, I got this around the middle of September and I finished it at the end of October. That's just about 1 month and a half. I'll be honest and say that I did use a bit much at times, so it's partly my fault. I've said it before; I just can't get used to these spray toners. I'm starting to slowly appreciate them more, but I've dampened a cotton pad and swiped a toner across my face since I was 14. I love the fresh feeling of the toner all over my face sinking in.

I'll always have a regular swipe off toner one the go, but I am slowly getting used to just a light spritz as well. It's especially nice after doing a harsher type of mask - like a clearing clay or mud mask, or a peel - when you want to leave your skin alone as much as possible. It's also nice in the mornings. This was especially fantastic as it's so light and smells fantastic. I mentioned the smell already - orange blossoms - and am honestly semi-considering re-purchasing this mostly for the smell. It's a wonderful treat for the senses in the morning and starts the day of rather nicely.

But let's move on to the product itself. It's very light, which all of the spray-toners are. The spray gives a very nice even mist and you don't need all that much to cover your face, though I used way more than needed. When it goes on you get a beautiful scent that fills the entire room, and the toner doesn't take long to absorbs all on it's own. I of course close my eyes as I spray it on, and when I open my eyes after, my skin already looks more glowing and plump. This also helps whatever I put on top absorb better, as any good toner should do.

Other visible improvements included skin that was noticeably less red. This would soothe my skin very nicely, and in turn gave a more even complexion. This in turn let me use less makeup to cover up redness that would've otherwise passed after a while. I noticed an improvement immediately, but also long-term. Pai have a focus on organic skincare for sensitive skin, which I have, and I have to say that so far both the products I've used by the range have provided the aforementioned immediate, but also long-term results in terms of reduced redness.

The selling points of the Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic is the wonderful smell, the soothing effect, the noticeable reduced redness both immediate and long-term, plus added nutrition and hydration through vitamins and minerals in the organic, cruelty free product. I can attest to it delivering on all of these claims and would definitely consider repurchasing this in the future. An absolute treat to use!

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  1. This product sounds amazing :) plus i like that its got an orange smell, sounds so refreshing!


  2. okay you've sold me. i love the pai rosehip oil and i can't wait to try this one! <3 xoxo, megan

  3. Yeah the rosehip oil is sooo good! I took a break between bottles to try and finish some other stuff, but wow if my skin missed it! I already miss this one too.. I think I'll have to try more Pai products - everything sounds amazing! :) xx


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