Review: Armani Belladonna Highlighting Palette

I have a weakness for highlighters. I'm obsessed already with healthy glowing skin, and so highlighters are often my best friend. When I first saw pictures of the beautiful Belladonna Highlighting Palette Armani was set to release as part of their 'Effeto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014' I knew I had to have it. My love for highlighters paired with my ongoing love affair with Armani makeup made this my "ultimate makeup product".

Belladonna is a strikingly beautiful highlighter with a magnificent flower print. It was almost too beautiful to use! It comes in sleek black Armani signature packaging, with a small logo where you open the compact. It comes with a brush stored in a separate holder underneath the powder.

The powder has a very different texture to anything I've ever used before. The closest I can think of are the Estee Lauder Powder Gele├ęs, but they are still not the same at all. When applied Belladonna gives the most gorgeous natural luminosity to the skin. There are some glitter, but it's not heavy and barely noticeable. The glitter particles are tiny. Mostly you get a natural glow to your face more beautiful and natural than any other highlighter I've ever used. The effect is similar to one you get with a fluid highlighter, but still more muted.

I've tried applying this with many different brushes. I tried with synthetic bristles, which I found tended to pick up more glitter. I tried all-natural bristles, which gave a more natural and overall better effect than with synthetics. Finally though, I tried the brush that comes with it. Something I almost never do. Applying it with this half-moon shaped brush, and kind of wiggling the product onto the top of my cheekbones gave the most flattering, natural and best result. I will be taking a second look at brushes that come with products from now on as if this one is any indication - they must have improved a lot since I started throwing them away!

Staying power of this is also excellent. I haven't timed it exactly, but I'll say that my cheeks are still glowing by the time I'm taking my makeup off in the evening. Less so, of course, than when just applied, but still pretty, still natural and not patchy or uneven.

Belladonna is very expensive for the small amount of product you get. Still, I'm very happy I bought it. It's unlike any other highlighter I own, a masterpiece in itself and I am just in love with how it makes my skin look. I don't know if there are still any left out there or if they are all gone by now, but if you love a good glow and you come across this at an Armani counter - I urge you to at least swatch some on your hand. But be warned; doing so and you will be hard pressed to walk away without it!



  1. this just sounds STUNNING! If I bought it, I think I would be too afraid to use it because of that beautiful pattern!!!!


    1. He he it took me a few days until I could get myself to start using it actually lol!

  2. This product is stunning <3 I couldn't bear to part with so much money for it as it's too pretty to even use! xx

    1. He he I see your point! Took me a few days until I was able to start using it lol! :)


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