All Used Up: Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

Having almost bought this on several occasions, being somewhat put of by the mega sized bottle (what if I didn't like it?) I finally took the plunge at the end of last summer. The "Built-in Body Lotion" is what got me as I have extremely dry skin on my back, arms and legs and while applying body lotion after every shower deals with it, the thought that I just might not always have to was quite appealing..

Clean on me is described as a shower gel, but I would rather describe it as a shower cream. It is less thick than a cream, but not too runny and it lathers up brilliantly. I still need to apply body lotion, but I have definitely noticed my skin being less dry while using this. An added bonus that I didn't actually notice until after I'd been using it for a while is that it is also clarifying. On the bottle it says it has 'natural mandarin peel-extract'. I'm not sure what that means for the product exactly, but my skin is very clear and spot free when using this! That being said I don't have issues with spots on my back and/or chest really, but I do sometimes get them, but not whilst using this and that's obviously great!

The smell is simply divine and though I am terrible at describing scents I will say I do smell a bit of the forementioned 'mandarin peel extract', it is definitely citrusy and then there's something else (sorry, I tried!) that tones it down because it's definitely not a full on mandarin scented body wash. Personally I love the scent and I don't find it at all overpowering, though if your very sensitive to smells you might not like this and I would definitely recommend giving it a sniff before you buy!

This 480 ml mega bottle has lasted what I would say is a combined 5ish months. How long it'd last for you depends on how much you use and of course how often you shower, but in any case this is pretty good value for money. I shower 1-2 a day and would say I use a pretty generous amount of product.

All in all I absolutely adore this and while I am a bit sick of it after looking at it in my shower for so long I will definitely re-purchase, just not straight away!


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