Review: Institut Esthederm Adaptsun Tanning Face Cream for Normal to Strong Sun

We've all heard of Institut Esthederm by now. The french skincare brand is known as the "Rolls Royce of Suncare" and has received many rave reviews for their somewhat highly priced products with different sun protection description than the regular SPF.

I ordered this about a year ago from one of the big UK based online shopping sites. When it arrived the name "Tanning face cream" first got me really worried that I had accidentally purchased a self-tanning product. Not that that would've been the end of the world, but in case anyone else is puzzled and wondering what to purchase, this is indeed sun protection only. I have since buying this also bought the self tanning products from the line, and reviewed them - click here for review -.

Institut Esthederm's sun protection products works in a different way to others. They are ment to help your skin "adapt" to being in the sun, and I guess teaching it how to handle the sun. Which begs the question that if I use this for 10 years? Will my skin be ready to graduate and exist in harmony with the sun?

I think not, and I am taking things too literally, I'm sure. What they mean, I suppose, is that while using their products your skin is protected whilst also being better able to handle the sun when the cream stops working and you've forgotten to re-apply? No?

Wether or not those claims have any real merit behind them, and they probably do, the brand must have been dubbed "Rolls Royce of suncare" for a reason, and the Adaptsun Tanning Face Cream really is unlike other sun protection I've used.

I use this without the addition of a moisturizer, unless my skin is dry. I love the smell, but it does smell very typically of a sun screen. There is absolutely no white cast at all, it sinks in quite fast without leaving any greasy residue and like I said, works as a skincare product as well replacing any need for a moisturiser (on my normal skin).

This is the product that got me interested in trying more product from the Institut Esthederm range. I figured if the sunscreen could make my face feel that comfortable (this is a special thing for my combination sensitive skin) the rest of the range must be amazing! But more on that in another review..

After using the sunscreen daily in place of moisturiser for about 2 months through the end of last summer whilst staying in the south of France I have to say even the texture of the skin on my face changed, for the better. Not that I had damaged, or even bad skin to begin with. It might not be this product in particular, rather that I was finally protecting my skin every single day, but even so my skintone was even, perfectly moisturised without looking greasy, and had a very nice and healthy glow!

If your considering making this little splurge before the summer months roll in for real, I really really recommend this and say it's one of the best investments you can make for your skin.

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