Battle of the: Foundations!

*Updated on Feb 29th! See bottom!
It's an exciting time for my makeup drawer and train case as I am completely out of foundation (almost).
The only one I have left is the Revlon ColorStay which is a fine foundation, but it's just not for me. It's too full coverage for my liking and it makes my skin itch? Am I the only one who has had this problem? I also have it in my whitest winter pale skin shade so it will definitely not be worn much soon, but I digress.

My plan was to follow in other bloggers holy grail trail and try my hand at the Chanel Vitalumier Aqua. But as always, I got intrigued by all kinds of "staple" foundations, Guerlain Parure Gold, Dior Forever and Nude etc. etc. No actually, just those, but I still really wanted to try the Chanel one. First at least..

Then I started noticing all these new foundation releases with new exciting technology giving true "second skin" effect. So then I thought that maybe I should try a new foundation with new and exciting technology. Plus I figured you guys would be more interested in a review on one of those as well!

In Sephora here in the south of France where I am living at the moment, the new available "super foundations" are Clarins Ever Matte and the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h (Remember when it was just Teint Idole?). There could be some others I've missed, but these are the ones that have caught my eye, and if my eye notices more I will never be able to make up my mind.

To decide which one to go for, I will make a comparison of the two, that might hopefully help some other lost souls out there make the same decision.

Let me just make a note that I will be purchasing the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser when it comes out, unless the colouring is way off, but then I will still buy some kind of tinted moisturiser (My Laura Mercier one is empty! Review to come shortly!) that I often prefer during the summer months, so keep that in mind throughout the comparisons.

First out is Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. I'm taking my information straight from the Clarins website. It says it is a balancing foundation, has SPF 15 and is oil-free. So far so good. It's for normal, dry, oily and combination skin, which kind of seems like all skin types to me! Now take that pinch of salt and here's how they describe it:

"The perfect shine-control, balancing foundation for women that want a complexion with a matte finish. Its plant-based “Skin Detox” complex regulates production of excess sebum in skin and helps tighten pores. The fluid, lightweight texture perfectly melts into the skin, allowing it to breathe, without any drying effect. The complexion is enhanced with an invisible matte veil that remains flawless from morning to night."

I have to say, even with that pinch of salt between my fingers, I'm kind of also wearing my rose coloured glasses right now. Seems pretty much perfect for my oily/combination skin. Now, I don't have super oily skin, just slightly, so it's actually more in the normal range, so I can rely on a good primer to keep my foundation on usually. I also am not crazy about a matte finish, but if it's a natural finish, I actually would prefer that, and just adding some iluminating product to make the skin look more glowy.

SPF 15 is way too low for me to wear on its own, but I am happy it's there and will add another layer of protection in addition to my own sunscreen that I wear every day. The claim about tightening pores is something I think most of us have realised by now just never seems to work, but if it does, that's great, but I will not buy it based on that. Long wearing is of course also very appealing.

The shade range consists of 11 shades so I will probably be able to find a shade that will suit me, however, the Lancome one has 18 so that's a point for Teint Idole (Ultra 24H).

Clarins 0
Lancome 1

Now let's hear what Lancome has to say for their newest boy wonder;

"Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 24H offers more long-wear and comfort than any other foundation*. Following 8 years of research, Lancôme unveils its first 24h** wear foundation for lasting perfection. Teint Idole Ultra 24H remains retouch-free, providing a flawless looking, even complexion with a velvety-smooth, shine-free finish. In perfect affinity with the skin, Teint Idole Ultra 24h is irresistibly comfortable. Its new, blendable and fresh texture is divine and leaves the complexion feeling smooth, velvety and matte with no powdery effect. " 

I should also include the description linked to the *'s here; * based on advertising claims 2011. ** Auto-evaluation by 109 women.

Now they both claim to be long lasting, which I love (who doesn't), so no one wins that round. They also both claim to control shine leaving a matte finish that is natural and has an SPF of 15. All in all they do seem like the same kind of foundation, it just depends on which one you want to take the plunge on.

Price point is where they differ, the Clarins one is 31,90€ with Lancome going for 42,90€, both being 30ml. One point for Clarins.

Clarins: 1
Lancome: 1

Finally, the Ever Matte is oil-free which I like, and even though I don't believe it for one second, I do like the sound of tightening pores.

Clarins: 2
Lancome: 1

Clarins Ever Matte wins!

Still I can't seem to make up my mind (shocker). The price point should win me over, but then again finding the right shade is worth the extra 10! I guess it will come down to trying the two consistensies on my hand and seeing who has the best shade. But I am definitely leaning towards the Clarins one as of now! I will head down to Sephora sometime soon and make my exciting new foundation purchase. I will of course write an update on my first hand experience with the two and a first impressons review on my choice as well as an in-depth one after some time. I hope this was helpful to some of you!

Upon further investigation it seems the Lancome is oil-free as well. I couldn't find no such information myself in their product description, but I have read from other reviews that it is, so I guess it's true! It is also rumoured to be transfer resistant, which is very interesting, especially as I have a boyfriend who doesn't take very kindly to make up stains on his clothes.. Very very interesting! So that is 2 more points for Lancome, changing it to the winner!

Clarins: 2
Lancome: 3

As soon as the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moituriser hits Sephora here in France, I will use my 10% and buy my new foundation and do a review for you guys. I have emailed them, but the only answer they gave me was "early march", so any day now!

I have finally finished my review on the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H, - click here for review -.
 Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil Free Foundation, source www.int.clarins.com

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation, source www.lancome.co.uk


  1. hey great review. can you please do swatches of the clarins ever matte. Thanks

    1. Hey, thanks! As of right now I'm planning on purchasing the Lancome foundation, but I will try and see if I can get a sample of the Clarins one as well. If not maybe I'll do some sneaky arm swatches in store and run outside for a photo! :)


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