Review: Uriage Tolederm Hydra-Soothing Cream

A cream by french skincare brand Uriage for intolerant and hyper-reactive skin, hypoallergenic and without perfume (of course). I mentioned this in my March favourites post and said I've been using this a bit different to what is intended, and now I'll finally explain.

Somehow the skin on my neck and decollete is the most sensitive and hyper-reactive on my body. My face is quite sensitive as well, but if I so much as touch the skin on my neck or "cleavage area" I'm bright red for quite a while. If I accidentally scratch myself, I look like I've been cage fighting bears.

Then one day whilst roaming another french pharmacy I came across this. I was in a good mood and had allowed myself to spend some money, so I thought it could be a good idea to try. I've previously used body lotions for sensitive skin and they have been ok, one of my favourites is the Eucerin Ph5 -reviewed here- but my neck and "decollete" was still just as sensitive.

So that's the big "strange use", I've been using this down my neck and chest after stepping out of the shower, in place of body lotion, and it has been working wonders. My usually quite tired looking neck and decollete has a more even skin tone, and if I push the skin it's white, and then goes straight back to a normal skin color (instead of bright red), it really is quite amazing. The skin also just feels stronger and less fragile.

I guess I haven't used the cream in the strangest way, but I still wanted to mention it as I have not tried this on my face, it could be good, but the point is anyways that I haven't tried it and so therefore can't comment on how it fares with regular use, though if my experience is any indication, it should be a pretty good product! I'm not sure if a lot of other people "suffer" from extremely hyper-reactive skin down the neck and chest, but if you do, I would definitely look into trying this! It's not very expensive either!




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