All used up: Soap & Glory The Firminator

I wasn't really expecting much from this one, I mostly bought it just for fun. Soap & Glory products aren't very expensive, so it couldn't hurt to try.

Let me just say first of all that as I am quite young, I can't really comment on how this works on cellulite. What I think is cellulite on my legs, probably isn't and I will have a nasty surprise waiting for me in a few years time. That being said, I bought this thinking it might be more of a way to tighten the "flabby" areas. Also, I like anything that is supposed to help me look nicer, just the feeling that I am "doing" something I really like.

I would rub this onto my stomach, lower back and thighs. The lotion has a kind of minty smell to it which I personally don't really like. After you've rubbed it in it warms up on your skin which easily feels very convincing of it working and doing something. I'm not so sure. I felt convinced it was doing something in terms of reducing the water weight, which is all I was expecting from the product, but I am not entirely sure if it actually worked or if I just convinced myself it did. When it dries it sometimes didn't sink entirely into my skin and would kind of flake of when I was putting on tight jeans on top. I found this happened only when I didn't rub the product into the skin, so as long as you do that this is avoidable!

All in all, a nice enough experience, but not something I'm running out to re-purchase.

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